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  • Painting and Coating Industry

    Painting and Coating Industry ◆ Industrial paint
    ◆ Solventborne wood coating
    ◆ Waterborne Coatings
    ◆ SMC/BMC-Unsaturated polyester system

  • Petroleum Industry

    Petroleum Industry ◆ An additive for the lubricant of internal combustion engine
    ◆ Lubricant additive
    ◆ Antiwear agent,anti-rust agent

  • Plastic Rubber Industry

    Plastic Rubber Industry ◆ Rubber:The filler for rubber, the abherent for rubber products.
    ◆ Plastic:The filler in PP, PA,PVC, PE, PS and polyester aplastics.
    ◆ Electric cable:The plasticizer and isolator for cable

  • Paper Printing Industry

    Paper Printing Industry ◆ Papermaking :Used as the filler of all kinds of paper and cardboard, wood tar control agent
    ◆ Printing:Ink additives

  • Cosmetics industry

    Cosmetics industry ◆ Moisturizing Cream
    ◆ Cosmetic powder
    ◆ Talcum powder, etc

  • Water proof industry

    Water proof industry ◆ Waterproof coating
    ◆ Building
    ◆ Wood
    ◆ Ship
    ◆ Building materials

  • Ceramic industry

    Ceramic industry ◆ The manufacture of electrical porcelain, wireless electric porcelain
    ◆ Industrial ceramics
    ◆ Building ceramics
    ◆ Daily-use ceramics and enamel, etc.

  • Medicine and food industry

    Medicine and food industry ◆ Pesticide and insecticide
    ◆ Food

  • Textile industry

    Textile industry ◆ Fabric waterproofing agent
    ◆ Adhesive
    ◆ Dye

  • Other common industry

    Other common industry ◆ Polymerization promoter

    • asianpaints
    • oxea
    • evonik